Love God, Love People, Love Life

We are a vibrant church in the heart of West Auckland, with a passion to see people meet Jesus and do life with Him. We are a community of people who love Jesus, our church family and our city. There is a place here for anyone and everyone, from all walks of life and of all ages, from the seasoned Christian to someone who has a few questions that need an answer.....

Love God, love people, love life. These are the 3 aspects by which our church functions.

First and foremost, we are all about loving God, the greatest commandment, whether this be on a Sunday morning where we gather together with our church family, worshipping as one body and then listening to an incredible message from our Pastor; or just sitting in the presence of God at our prayer and worship nights where we soak in His love. There is a place to connect as an entire church and also there are groups that cater for specific ages.

Explore the site to see what suits you, but the best way to get a feel for the place and taste the atmosphere is to get down here on a Sunday morning and experience this awesome environment where the Holy Spirit flows; be prepared to encounter God. Next door to the main auditorium, our kids church and Intermediate program BOOM! will be taking place, so everyone in the family can connect with God in a powerful way.

Along with loving God, we are all about loving people. We are called as Christians to love our neighbours, and this is exactly what we do. From helping out our church family and doing life together, to getting into the community and just loving on people through our different outreach and community projects, we are a church of people reaching people. We are a family that genuinely cares for each other and we are there when needed.

When we love God and love people, loving life comes naturally. When you are in a relationship with Jesus and a part of a community, it's pretty hard to not enjoy life. No matter the situation, there always will be support, from the creator of heavens and Earth or from the person you sit next to on a Sunday morning.

At CityChurch Waitakere we have a strong focus on the spiritual, but we also love having fun! We have groups and events catering to whatever stage of life you are in, from the excited craziness of High School and Intermediate aged youth on a Friday, to the cool and casual café nights of the young adults, there is always a place to just enjoy life with friends at CityChurch Waitakere.

So have a browse and then come and check us out on a Sunday morning, or check out one of the many events that take place through the week.

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