Vision Statement

CityChurch Waitakere is a body of authentic Christians who are people of faith, Biblical truth and wholeness, who are known in their community as people who restore, resource and release others



We love God, we love others and we love life. As a community of people we want others to know us for our love; through our words, our lifestyle and our actions.

Love for God is expressed in our lifestyle of worship, in our relationship with Him, and in our acts of service.

Love for others is expressed in our generosity, in our acceptance, in helping people to live life to its fullest, and in laying our lives down for others.

Love for life should be seen through our attitudes, our fun, our enjoyment of our world, and our great relationships.


We value the journey of faith that each person is on and it is our privilege to walk together, helping to draw each other to a closer relationship with Jesus, to becoming more like Him and to fulfilling His call.


We hold Christ, His work on the cross and His teachings, at the centre of all that we do. It is by faith in Him that salvation is available to all and it is by His work on the cross that we are forgiven. He is the centrality of Scripture and all we do is for the purpose of building His Kingdom.


We value the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit in every facet of our lives and we look for Him to move in, on and through us wherever we are; from boardrooms, to sports fields, to dining rooms, to communities, schools and universities, and within our church and ministries.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We are a Pentecostal church that values the activation and expressions of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We expect to see these gifts expressed in our services and ministries as well as in our day-to-day life and overflowing into the lives of those around us.


It is important that we are relevant to our community, bringing the gospel message and God’s principles through the most effective channels, including contemporary music, powerful and practical preaching, the use of multimedia and technology, creative arts, community projects etc.


We are a community of people who extend God’s grace to every person; not judging others by their looks, their attitude, their lifestyle or their beliefs, but allowing this to be a safe place to explore God and find wholeness and restoration.


We love that every person, from the oldest to the youngest, can find a place at our church to express their faith, to grow and contribute to the lives of others. There is strength and great blessing when generations serve each other.


We hold prayer as a foundation to all that we do. Without hearing from God and bringing our hearts and plans before him, we will not see true success and our efforts will be in vain.


We believe that our faith is not only about building strong church ministries but also sharing what Jesus has done in our lives with those in the wider community. Our vision to love people is outworked by sharing the gospel message with those who don’t know God. We aim to equip people with the knowledge and confidence to do this effectively.

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